UKAF ACO Panels 2019

The below is a message from Chairman Christian Nicholson with regards to the appointments of the UKAF ACO Umpiring and Scoring panels for 2019.

Dear colleagues,

The season has started!  The first games in Service cricket have already taken place (ironically rain affected after a blistering Easter weekend) and I hope your own season is now up and running.  I wish you all a successful season, whichever side of the boundary rope you may be on.  A small bit of news I would like to share with you all; the 2019 UKAF panels and the officials selected for Lord’s on 30 May (see separate article re Lord’s)

As with every year the UKAFACO committee submit a provisional list of panel members to UKAFCA at their Spring ECM for ratification.  This was done on 9 April and I am delighted to report, was approved.  So the 2019 panels look like this:

UKAF Panel:                                                           UKAF Development Panel:

Sqn Ldr R Saunders Capt P Waterhouse RN
Capt C Nicholson WO N Richards
FS A Rutter PO L Priest
FS M Seward Sgt M Williams
Sgt G Eustace Sgt S Mellor
Sgt M Hubbard LCpl J Bishop
Lt S Dodds RN Sqn Ldr J Klein
WO2 A Rennie Capt C McLennan
Flt Lt J Jones LCpl G Horne
  Sgt S Singh
  Flt Lt D Stanford

The UKAF Scorer panel remains as our entire breadth of scorers.  My congratulations to all those who have been elevated into the panels.  Following much discussion at our own ECMs, I plan to grow these panels to include our civilian (Ex serving or not) members.  I and the rest of the committee constantly strive to ensure parity and to ensure the ‘purple’ nature of our association and the addition of our civilian members will only add tremendous value.

I again wish you all a fantastic season and I hope to see as many of you as I can around the grounds this year.

Capt CLK Nicholson RAMC

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