UKAF ACO Update – 22 March 2020

from Christian Nicholson and Alex Rennie

I thought that I would take some time to contact all you regarding what UKAF ACO are doing regarding COVID19. This is an unprecedented time in our lives and it is our duty to make sure all of our members are safeguarded during this situation. As you can imagine we are monitoring the situation daily and following guidance from the United Kingdom Armed Forces Cricket Association (UKAFCA) and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB).

You will be aware that the ECB (and ECB ACO) have suspended ALL cricket activities in the recreational game.  Their statement can be found at the link below:

Naturally, UKAFCA are committed to adhering to this direction and all Service Cricket has been postponed until the foreseeable future.  Whenever the season gets underway, the priority for UKAFCA will be the 3 Inter Service T20 competitions.  As yet there has been no news from Lord’s regarding the IST20.  All 3 Service Sports Board have distributed this via DINs and widespread Social Media (SM) posts.

So where does that leave us as an organisation? The Chairman fully supports UKAFCA and as a result we have cancelled physical attendance to the upcoming UKAF ACO Annual General Meeting (UKAF ACO AGM) however we have contingency plans in place. All pre season training and matches have been cancelled and appointers have been specifically requested to remove any appointed officials from pre-season matches. Please use this time to conduct all the necessary pre-season administration. Please update your details on WTU and take time to review the MCC Laws in preparation for later in the season.

Here are some key updates we would like to cover:
UKAF ACO AGM: The UKAF ACO AGM will still be on Wednesday 29th April but will now take place virtually. The plan is to run the AGM via Facebook using online polls for voting on the key items.  These key items will be distributed closer to the date of the AGM so voting can then take place via the polls. We must hold an AGM and we must vote on some mandatory yearly topics. We have set up an new private Facebook page for the AGM – the page can be found at the following link: we encourage all members to join this group and have a voice. If you know members who don’t have access to facebook please pass on these details and encourage them to join facebook and the group.  It is likely that this closed group will, in time, replace the current open site.

UKAF ACO Subscriptions: COVID19 is unprecedented as is the Government’s response to it and it is affecting everyone in the country, and I know it will be affecting many of our members.  To try and alleviate any concerns or administrative burdens for you the Chairman has POSTPONED subscriptions for the 2020 season.  Those that have already paid (thank you) will have this carried forward to next season.

UKAF ACO Annual Dinner: Due to the current situation the annual dinner has been postponed. We will look at running an event later in the season, no firm plans have been made yet but perhaps a season closing event. If you have any ideas please let the chairman or myself know.

Appointments: A message from Gary – As we have no idea when the cricket season will start Gary will continue appointing games as normal (less pre-season) so we are ready for when the matches start again. If matches are cancelled he will inform people accordingly. Please accept or decline your matches as soon as you get your WTU appointment notifications. Please ensure that your availability is up to date. Just to inform everyone there may be UKAF ACO Observers attending matches this season for training and pathway guidance. If an observer is appointed they will contact the umpires appointed for that game at least 48 hrs before your match to let you know. This is not intended to put extra pressure on you but to provide guidance and training for your pathway.

Also crucial (if the season starts) is fitness to officiate in light of COVID19.  If you fall into one of the Government’s vulnerable groups and should NOT be appointed to games, please inform Gary or Richard of this fact.  There is NO requirement to disclose why and if you feel you would rather not officiate due to COVID19 concerns, please let the team know and they will gladly support you.

Social Media: All members are encouraged to follow UKAF ACO on Social Media. We are active on all major platforms, Facebook (Open and Private Sites) and Twitter. Just search for UKAF ACO and join or follow. We also have our own website: This is a one stop shop for all of your UKAF ACO requirements such as appointments, match regulations, match reports, pitch reports, also if you have any good pictures please send them to the webmaster.

WhatsApp: We have a UKAF ACO WhatsApp group. This is a good place to stay in contact with our members. Posts regarding updates are regularly added as well as some good banter. If you would like to join please email myself or the Chairman sending us your mobile number and we will add you. If you require the application you can download it from this site:

Sorry for such a long message but we feel we need to update you on the current situation and how it affects us as an organisation. We will keep sending updates once we have them and will let you know as soon as the situation changes. Hopefully we will get some cricket in this season. We encourage you all to join the Facebook sites (open and private) and be part of the AGM. Finally The Chairman and myself would like wish everyone the best.

Please stay safe and stay healthy during these troubled times.

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