UKAF ACO AGM – Wednesday 29th April 2020

The UKAF ACO AGM will be held virtually using our Facebook Private Members area on Wednesday 29th April 2020.

There will be a number of posts throughout the day starting at 0930.  Some of these posts will have voting buttons attached, with simple Yes or No responses.  These votes will remain open until 0900 on Monday 4th May 2020 and at that point, the secretary Alex Rennie will close all of the voting options and collate the results.

He will then publish AGM minutes later that week with the results of the votes.  Please vote and have your say in how we conduct our business.  There is a link to the Facebook area below for those who have not registered.  We encourage all members to join the Facebook page.

As you may be aware the UKAF ACO Executive Committee need to be voted in each year at the AGM,  If you are keen to become a member of the committee and help UKAF ACO manage our ACO please let Alex or the chairman know by this Friday (Friday 24th April 2020).  We can then discuss with the present committee and find a role and then add your name to the committee vote.  If approved you would take up the role post AGM.

Also please note that due to the COVID-19 situation, the chairman has waived the UKAF ACO subscription fees for this year (2020) so if you have the BACS details please do not pay your subscriptions.

If you have any queries or any questions, please let Alex Rennie know at

Please stay in touch and stay healthy.

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